Safehouse E​.​P

by Tristan Louth-Robins

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I recorded this EP on a Tascam 424 cassette portastudio with a couple of substandard microphones, a couple of guitars and a few other instruments . I'd been writing songs of my own for awhile, but I'd only felt comfortable with my own material when I started attempting to record an EP at my home in Belleview Heights at the beginning of 2003.

2003 was not an especially good year for me. I was 22, halfway through a BA music degree in Music Technology and frequently suffering from fits of anxiety and nagging depression. My girlfriend at the time was partially estranged from me in Melbourne, my housemate was not a very happy person and pleasant to cohabit with and I frequently cut the figure of a confused, condradictory young man at university. I think I owned only two shirts at the time. I don't think any photos of me exist from this year. All of the songs draw from this discord in one way or another (e.g. "Solitaire", "Losing Heart", "Melanchol", "House of Cards").

I would record these songs in my room on the 424 as demoes and then re-record with an improved version and overdub some additional parts - extra guitar, vocals, keyboards, etc. Once done, I'd haul the 424 into the Electronic Music Unit (where I was studying at the time) plug it into Pro Tools and attempt to mix down from a four-track cassette mix. From memory, most of the effects of reverb and delay treatments were done in real-time with a couple of Boss effects pedals routed through an FX send on the 424. I think the only time I used Pro Tools to manipulate a song was on "House of Cards" with the use of reversed tape emulations on selected tracks.

I was listening to a lot of Dylan, Elvis Costello, Beck and Ryan Adams at the time.

The additional tracks here are early versions and demoes of songs intended for the album. Some of these have been sitting around on a CD-R for the last 13 years, however one track ("Often Times") was very recently discovered when I was digitally archiving my old cassettes from this period.

All tracks have been remastered to bring their overall dynamic range up to a consistent level.

TLR - June 2016


released August 1, 2003


All songs written by Tristan Louth-Robins (c) Afueras Music 2003, except track 7 by Waits/Brennan (Jamla Music, 1985)

TLR: All instruments & production.
Recorded July-August 2003, except Track 3 recroded April 2003 at home (Belleview Heights) and Track 7 recorded at Electronic Music Unit Studio in June or July 2003.

Thanks to: Nick, Jen, Richard, Kayputz, family and friends as well as Simon, Sam, etc @ uni for their support (and extended patience). This record is for Debra.


Additional tracks all recorded between April-June 2003.

All bouncing down from Tascam 424 performed at Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide between April to August 2003.

All tracks remastered by TLR at Maurilia Sound Studio - June 2016



all rights reserved


Garden Ruin Adelaide, Australia

Garden Ruin is Tristan Louth-Robins' singer-songwriter guise. His songs cover an eclectic sonic terrain of folk, Americana and slowcore. On stage he'll often wear a colourful shirt, have a tremolo pedal handy and is occasionally joined by comrade and masterful string flexer, Thomas Kalleske (Athletic Teenage Joggers, Porchlight Parade). ... more


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